When is it time that your brand made a fresh start?


5 reasons why your logo may have had it’s day

I regularly meet business owners that think that just because they hired a professional designer to take care of their initial brand needs then that must be it. Onwards and upward for the next 10 years! Sadly, creating a brand isn’t one of those business decisions that you’ll never have to make again! Not unless you’re a household name like Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonalds or even Apple. For the rest of us, it just doesn’t ring true!

All too often we underestimate the power of our brand identity and the impact it has on our potential clientele. We need to tell the world that we’re not getting old and past it, but we just keep getting better!

What is the Difference Between Mobile Web Design and Responsive Web Design?


We no longer solely operate on desktop PCs with fixed sized monitors. We constantly use other pieces of technology to surf the web, whether it’s on our mobile our tablet or our PC. The need to create a site that works across all platforms has never been so large.

How do we do this? Two of the most popular options are dedicated mobile sites, or one site that responds to the device it’s being viewed on.

Here we’re going to look at dedicated mobile sites vs. responsive web design and which comes out on top.

Firstly though, let’s briefly look at what they are.

The Foundation for Youth Development says:  “For every dollar invested in us, the NZ economy benefits sevenfold.” We agree! See the full story here

April 11th, 2013