When is it time that your brand made a fresh start?

Written by on January 20th, 2015 // Filed under CLIENTS, INSPIRATIONAL

5 reasons why your logo may have had it’s day

I regularly meet business owners that think that just because they hired a professional designer to take care of their initial brand needs then that must be it. Onwards and upward for the next 10 years! Sadly, creating a brand isn’t one of those business decisions that you’ll never have to make again! Not unless you’re a household name like Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonalds or even Apple. For the rest of us, it just doesn’t ring true!

All too often we underestimate the power of our brand identity and the impact it has on our potential clientele. We need to tell the world that we’re not getting old and past it, but we just keep getting better!

Perhaps you have a piece of clothing that you brought in the late 90’s, paid good money for and occasionally you drag it out for a weekend beach party. Only a tactful friend or abrasive enemy will tell you that as nice as it may seem, it just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Perhaps the rest of the party has already found another room? 🙂

Okay, so how do you know when your brand needs a rethink? Below are 5 good reasons why you should consider a rebrand.


1. You often feel like you should apologise for your logo or brand!

If people don’t understand your logo, take note! If find you have to explain your logo on a regular basis or you don’t get any feedback at all, then it might be time to consider a redesign.

2. It’s been over 10 years since the brand was initially created.

Ten years plus is a perfect time to review your brand, has it stood the test of time? Or is it looking plain tired? It is a common perception among business owners that if they change their brand it won’t be recognised. Not so! If done well it sends a strong market signal of company rejuvenation, and internally it can create momentum and positivity among employees.

3. The business is anticipating a move, merger or in the pipeline of being sold.

Moving or adding a location requires updating everything from stationery to signage. This is a perfect time to consider an identity change. A merger, depending on the stature of the companies, will see a need for brand clarification and signify that new and better things will be happening. An updated identity is a no-brainer. When selling, any business that is going to be on the market will glean more if its identity is up-to-date and consistently implemented. It’s called street appeal.

 4. Your business has diversified or grown in it’s offerings.

As your business grows, it evolves, and often this growth leads to significant changes in the business. Additional product or services could bring new markets, which should bring rise to new messages. This reason to change is the toughest for business owners to see. Often it’s gradual and takes place over time. However, often by the time it’s realised, the competition has already taken first place in the market.

5. Your competitors have updated their corporate identity.

Don’t let this happen: do it before your competitors do! Forward thinking businesses set the pace for their industry. This will include a progressive and continual analysis of a company’s brand identity as well. If your company delays in a critical updating of your brand identity and message, it’s likely your competition won’t. If your competition takes this step before you do, they’ll look like the leader.


Below is a recent example of a product rebrand we did for Lubricants NZ:



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